Merchant Hosted

Payment Express provides merchants with several interfaces for developing custom built payment pages that will allow you to accept payments in real time from your own secure server and have complete control over your payment page, without having to redirect your customers to a remote payment page. You will need to have your own SSL certificate with these products and the payment page is managed and customised by yourselves. Please note that some banks mandate that merchants use the Payment Express Hosted PxPay 2.0 solution.

There are several APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that developers can use to communicate with Payment Express. These include:

Key features

Designed with security in mind so you never have to come in contact with sensitive credit card information
Supports all transaction types and processes payments in real-time
Seamless Integration
Token Billing Capable
Merchants need to have their own SSL certificate
Payment page is managed and customised by the merchant
Integrates with leading shopping cart providers
Comes with Payment Manager - Payline to process manual payment refunds and generate reports
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Example of a Merchant Hosted Payment Page

Payment Solutions

Px Post

XML posts directly from client application to Payment Express

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Web Service

Simple SOAP connection

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Combination of WebService and a form POST directly to Payment Express

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