Bringing you more than just payment processing.

In an increasingly connected world, Payment Express offers a secure, reliable, all-in-one payment solution that can scale with your business wherever you or your clients are. For merchants big and small, online payments play a valuable part in sales generation.


Whether you identify as Bricks and Clicks, Pure-Play eCommerce or Software as a Service (SaaS), your online presence will benefit from implementing a Payment Express payment solution.

Gateway Hosted Merchant Hosted Automated Phone Payments Batch Processing
The most secure PCI-DSS compliant payment option globally is a hosted payment page, it is scalable, easy to use and customizable. Whether you are a small business owner or a global ecommerce giant, our hosted payment page provides a flexible and easy to use payment solution. Larger merchants often desire to customize and fine-tune their customers’ payment experience. Using a merchant hosted solution will provide a robust payment solution with more control and flexibility, but requires a higher merchant compliance under PCi-DSS. If your customers don’t have computers, or you operate a call centre. The Payment Express Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution will work for you! Secure and compliant, customer payments are handled by a bespoke call script that can reduce PCi -DSS compliance on large scale call centres. Processing large volumes of transactions at time requires a robust system. Using military grade encryption, merchants can securely run a batch file to get those payments processed.

Integration to all major ecommerce platforms.


Support for the payment brands your business needs.


Feature-rich reconciliation and reporting with Payline.


Get real-time information on how your payments are tracking, generate reports, perform refunds, and charge customers all via our secure, browser-based payment management solution. Anywhere. Anytime.

Focus on security.


Payment Express prides itself on being a level 1, PCI compliant service provider, all our solutions are built with the security of you and your customers in mind. To protect you and your customers from fraud, we provide merchants with the opportunity to participate in our risk management program.

Security measures, which work today, may not be as secure in the future. To ensure that card data remains secure at every step of the journey between your customer’s bank account and your own, please be aware that we do deprecate old security protocols. For more information on upcoming changes to our security policy, please feel free to review our road map.

Accepting Manual Payments (MOTO) Payline is a web-based interface for processing credit card transactions manually, processing refunds and generating a range of merchant reports.