Business Intelligence

Whether using one or a combination of Payment Express Billing, CRM, EFTPOS, Web and Wireless solutions, all customers receive access to the Payment Express reporting suite

Available in real time and in a variety of formats: CSV, PDF and in XML - Reports can be securely accessed via Payline, or for corporate clients we can automate this service. Note: There is no limit to the size of report which maybe generated and all historical merchant data is readily accessible.

Easy Reconciliation

Our settlement reports match up to the cent what various acquirers' deposit, allowing users to quickly and easily reconcile transactions processed via Payment Express.

Business Intelligence

Every detail of a transaction can be potentially reported on. From the EFTPOS terminal or user which initiated the transaction, to a simplified summary of all transactions - Payment Express has Business Intelligence to streamline existing processes. Reports can be integrated with several accounting packages, or customized if necessary, making reconciliation and financial reporting a breeze!

Automatic Report Generation

Run the same report on a regular basis? For all its corporate customers, Payment Express can deliver these reports daily, weekly or monthly.

Integrate Payment Express reports with your own software

Because our reports are available in CSV and XML formats, merchants can easily integrate these with their existing software packages i.e. MYOB. SAP, etc.