Pacific Islands Merchant Activation Guide

Bank Requirements

Payment Express customers need to arrange a "merchant facility" with Westpac in the Pacific Islands.

If you wish to accept Diners, please talk to the Westpac and they will assist. To contact Diners directly, please email [email protected] or phone +64 9 359 7796 Call: +64 9 359 7796

Westpac will send Payment Express the live merchant and 3D Secure details directly. Please note: Payment Express will not be able to activate the live account until both of these processes are completed.

3D Secure Authentication

3D secure authentication is a mandatory requirement for all new Westpac merchants. All merchants using the Payment Express Hosted Solution PxPay2.0 receive 3D Secure at no additional cost. For more information visit our 3D Secure page

Westpac +67 9 3217 260
Diners Club +64 9 359 7796