Canada Merchant Activation Guide

Bank Requirements

Payment Express customers need to arrange an electronic merchant facility with one of the acquiring banks that Payment Express has connectivity to. For more information on the banks that are presently supported, please visit the Processing Partners page

Supported card types are Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Customers will need to request a "Tear Sheet" this will include all the information that Payment Express needs to get the connection set up.

To accept American Express, JCB or Diners, please speak with your bank. To facilitate the settlement of funds between Payment Express and your bank, you will need to provide Payment Express with the following details:

Bank of America Merchant Services Yes Yes Yes
Chase Paymentech Yes Yes Yes
Bank of the West Yes Yes Yes
Citibank Yes Yes Yes
Deutsche Yes Yes Yes
Diners Club Yes Yes Yes
Elavon Yes Yes Yes
First Data Yes Yes Yes
First Horizon Yes Yes Yes
KeyBank Yes Yes Yes
PNC Yes Yes Yes
Regions Yes Yes Yes
Regents Bank Yes Yes Yes
Suntrust Yes Yes Yes
UMB Bank Yes Yes Yes
Union Bank Yes Yes Yes
U.S. Bank Yes Yes Yes
Wells Fargo Yes Yes Yes
Whitney Bank Yes Yes Yes
American Express Yes Yes Yes

Note - If you are selling airline tickets you will also need to provide Payment Express with your merchant number, card acceptor name, card acceptor city and MCC (Merchant Category Code).

Preauthorization / Completion

Preauthorization / completion is a two stage transactional process which involves validating a credit card in its first phase before completing the transaction. To facilitate this type of transaction, preauthorization / completion or tipping as it is sometimes known as must be enabled at your bank.

AVS (Address Verification System)

U.S. Bank supports AVS. If you would like to be enabled for AVS, request this functionality from the acquirer.