E-commerce Payment Solutions

Start accepting credit card payments online with our suite of Payment Express E-commerce Solutions.  With over 15 years of experience in payment processing, Payment Express, a Global Gateway provider is fully certified as Visa AIS and Mastercard SDP (PCI DSS) Compliant, ensuring end-to-end accountability. If you’re looking for a payment partner that exceeds the latest security standards, and offers an easy to use and reliable payment solution then Payment Express delivers.  Our suite of solutions offer real time credit card processing solutions, that offer additional functionality such as:

  • Ability to process recurring payments
  • Removes the risk involved with the merchant storing credit card information
  • Ability to implement best practice solutions, with the latest fraud protection technologies for more information on this, please visit our 3D Secure page
  • AIS (Visa) and SDP (MasterCard) approved solution

PxPay 2.0

Accepting Payments using our Hosted Payments Solution

PxPay 2.0 is the latest Payment Express Hosted Payment Solution, and is suitable for all web sites that need to process card payments in real-time. Payment Express hosts and manages the payment page, which is secured by its own SSL certificate and customizable. Suited to all sizes of merchants, it is highly cost effective and operates on an extremely robust infrastructure. It also supports 3D verification with authentication of "Verified by Visa" & "MasterCard SecureCode", as well as being integrated with leading shopping cart providers.

Merchant Hosted Payments Solution

Accept Payments via your own custom built Payment Page

Payment Express provides merchants with several interfaces for developing custom built payment pages that will allow you to accept payments in real time from your own secure server and have complete control over your payment page.


Accepting Manual Payments (MOTO)

Payline is a web-based interface for processing credit card transactions manually, processing refunds and generating a range of merchant reports.

Batch Processor 

Process Large Transactions in One Batch

Payment Express Batch Processing has been specifically designed for merchants that do regular billing for the same or variable amounts and want to process transactions quickly, easily and securely, and without the compliance cost or risk of storing sensitive card details.

Recurring Billing

Automatically Process Regular Payments

Payment Express Recurring Billing allows merchants to automate recurring transactions quickly, simply and securely, and without the compliance cost or risk of storing sensitive card details.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Payment Solution

Accept payments from your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week via any touch tone phone.

If you require any additional information on credit card processing, or if you would like to discuss specific needs for your business, please complete the form.