PX Access COM Installation Guide

Installing PXAccess

Download and Install PXAccess COM Object

Download the PXAccess COM object from the 'Documentation | SDK' section of your Payment Manager (https://sec.paymentexpress.com/pxmi/logon)

Once downloaded, install the PXAccess COM object using your PXAccess UserID and Key.


If the COM object has already been installed previously then run the PXSETKEY.EXE (located by default under {default hard drive location:}\Program Files\PXACCESS).


Once downloaded, modify sample code to:

- Insert your PXAccess UserID i.e PxObj.UserId = "XXXXX"

- Insert your URL success and failure pages for the response to return to.

For full documentation on the Hosted Payments Page view the component reference here at PxAccess Page.


When using a valid test account. To return an approved response use the test card number: 4111111111111111 with a valid expiry date. To return a declined response use the test card number with any dollar amount and 76 cents, i.e. 2.76.

To view test transactions logon to your payment manager at: https://sec.paymentexpress.com/pxmi/logon

Hosted Page Customisation

Send through your logo and custom labels that you would like to appear on your payments page to support@paymentexpress.com as per below:

More customisation options are available click here for more details.

PXAccess Version

You will need a version of PxAccess.dll that is 1.36 or greater. See below:

If you require this DLL, please send through a request to support@paymentexpress.com and we'll send it through to you. Once you've received this DLL, overwrite the existing DLL with the new file. Please note that if your host is currently hosting other Payment Express customers using PXAccess that the new DLL is backward compatible.

Alternatively you can modify your registry settings for the redirect address, by adding a String named "URL"


Customisation Wizard

Customise settings in the Custom Hosted section of your Payment Manager https://sec.paymentexpress.com/pxmi/logon.asp and save and preview the changes. Please send through any images to support@paymentexpress.com so we can upload and associate them to your account. For full documentation on the Custom Hosted Payments Page, visit the component reference by clicking here

Applying Your Settings

Once you would like your settings to take effect, send an e-mail through to support@paymentexpress.com so we can apply your changes.