Payment Express Hosted Payment Solution - PxPay 2.0

PxPay 2.0 is the latest upgrade for the Payment Express Hosted Payment Solution.  This cloud-based service enables real time payment processing without exposing the merchant to sensitive data and ensures merchants are fully PCI DSS compliant.   

PxPay 2.0 is a highly cost effective pre-built solution that is customisable and designed to ensure all transactions on your web site are done according to the strictest security standards.

Backed up by Payment Express' extremely robust infrastructure, it also supports CVV2 Verification and 3D Secure.

If you are an existing PxPay customer and you wish to upgrade to PxPay 2.0 please contact us to find out how. 

If you require any additional information on credit card processing, or if you would like to discuss specific needs for your business, please complete the form.