Security & Infrastructure

Payment Express have a dedicated and purpose built development and data center, specially designed for payments processing. We have invested and continue to re-invest in state of the art, bank grade security and infrastructure, and are fully certified as Visa AIS and MasterCard SDP (PCI-DSS) compliant at processor level; using an approved QSA for quarterly scans on systems and full onsite audits, annually. All sensitive information is encrypted with the 3DES protocol, with Atalla Network Security Processors.

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Data Center

Transaction availability (ability to communicate a declined/accepted response) is determined by significant number of factors including whether the bank (either acquiring or issuing) is online. Wherever possible, DPS has taken control of its mission critical systems (building and data center environment, generator, UPS etc), or we have out sourced to the best available provider, with a backup provider.



Payment Express owns all internal networking and firewall hardware and all single points of failure are eliminated wherever possible; Cisco firewall's provide seamless fail over (<5 seconds with all sessions preserved) in the event of a primary firewall hardware failure and individual routers are employed. The network is multi-homed; Payment Express’ primary Internet connection is via Telecom DDS to Telecom IPNet with a hot backup via United Networks Fibre optic cable (25m physical separation) to AT&T Global. Telecom Advanced Solutions was engaged by Payment Express to design and implement the system and Telecom LAN link is engaged to provide a central 24*7 management for both the Telecom and AT&T routers.


Payment Express provides 24*7*365 free developer testing access. Our test environment accurately mirrors the behavior of the production region. Email support is available for developers.



Payment Express has full ownership of the source code for all its supplied components, core transaction systems and acquirer uplinks. We will customize or extend the functionality of components to better suit the merchant requirements.  As a rule, Payment Express will extend an existing component in a manner that is backward compatible with existing component releases and will own the extensions.  The benefits for the merchant are a wider base of users for a component and no cost to maintain compatibility (e.g.: upgrade to support a new version of Operating system or JVM) over the lifetime of the software.